Partner Story – Santa’s Mailbox

Each year, hundreds of young Kirkland residents write letters to Santa and drop them in Santa’s North Pole Mailbox that is located in downtown Kirkland. And each year Santa (well… many of Santa’s helpers) respond with return letters. Nope… it’s not via text, email, or any type of social media. It’s actual old-school letter writing […]

Kirkland Nourishing Network

The Kirkland Parks and Community Foundation (KPCF) is a proud supporters and partners with the Kirkland Nourishing Network (KNN). KPCF provided fiscal support during the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic and jumped in to provide assistance with several feeding and education programs.  The Nourishing Network philosophy is that “no one entity can do it all, […]

Community Corner – Cold Weather Shelters

The weather and temperatures have turned! It seems like just yesterday we had odd 70 degree fall temperatures. The western Washington weather shift is tough for almost everyone but it’s particularly difficult and dangerous for people who are homeless.  With leadership from the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) a regional cold weather emergency shelter […]

Executive Note – Parks & Community!

Hello Kirkland! I’ve been on the job as the new Executive Director for the Kirkland Parks and Community Foundation (KPCF) for just two months and I could not be more excited. My first impression is that Kirkland residents truly care about their parks, arts & culture, and basic human needs. I was drawn to this […]