Cross Kirkland Corridor native plant restoration project

CKC Picnic Area Native Vegetation Restoration

Ever wonder what our area’s original native vegetation might have looked like, before escapees from our gardens took over the area?  English holly, English ivy, and Himalayan blackberries can be pretty when in a controlled setting. But in the wild they crowd out our attractive native plants such as Evergreen Huckleberry, Salmonberry, Western Red Cedar, Vine Maple, Tall Oregon Grape, and others.

This project was installed near the site of the old Kirkland Railroad Station on Railroad Ave, just south of Kirkland Ave.  It provides a perfect backdrop to a section of original rails from the Cross Kirkland Corridor. We successfully fundraised for the creation of a labeled Native Plants Garden, with split-rail fence, removal of two large cottonwoods, and weed-block material to avoid the use of herbicides.

Volunteers cleared the area of most of the non-native species, installed the plants and fence and mulch around the plants.  A sign identifying the native plants allows trail users to learn about these attractive natives and perhaps use some of them in their own gardens.