Founders Circle


In 2022, Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation (‘KPCF’) launched a Capacity Building Campaign to grow the organization, its impact and its long-term sustainability. The campaign enjoyed generous support from local business, community members, the city, and our board and raised over $500,000 so far.

The funds are being dedicated to investment in our first Executive Director and building infrastructure which will boost KPCF’s ability to deliver on our mission. If you’re interested investing in us and joining a special group of Founders, please contact us.

We’re deeply grateful to these generous visionaries!

J. Donald Dicks & Merrily Dicks

Kathy Page Feek & James Feek

Nona Ganz & Ulrich Ganz

Kevin Harrang & Ann Harrang

Walter R. Krueger & Kathleen L. Krueger

Karen Lightfeldt

Jean Liu & Jonathan Heuer

Margaret Meister & Joan McBride

Tom Neir & Sally J. Otten

Tavan L.R. Pechet

James Walen & Amy Walen

Howard (Tim) Warner

City of Kirkland


Lee Johnson Auto Family