KITE STEM Award Winner

KITE STEM Challenge is a Winner for Lake Washington School District

For three weeks in 2018, students across the Lake Washington School District battled each other in a test of STEM skills, with thousands of dollars in prize money for their schools at stake. The KITE STEM Challenge (Kirkland Interactive Technology Experience) was a Google-sponsored challenge to all the schools in the district. Google selected the Kirkland Parks Foundation as partner in this initiative; the foundation created and ran the program. Open to all students, kindergarten through high school, students competed by answering STEM-related questions. All participation contributed towards the chances

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Google partners with KPCF on Cross Kirkland Corridor project

In 2016, Google approached the Foundation to see if we would do a pilot project to test some geofencing technology they were using to provide signage on their campuses around the U.S. At the same time, the City of Kirkland was looking for ways to provide signage for vegetation along the Cross Kirkland Corridor (‘CKC’). The Foundation agreed to pilot the technology, with the idea that if it was successful, the city could expand the program. Google provided us a grant which enabled us to install and implement 15 beacons

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