Executive Note – Parks & Community!

Hello Kirkland! I’ve been on the job as the new Executive Director for the Kirkland Parks and Community Foundation (KPCF) for just two months and I could not be more excited. My first impression is that Kirkland residents truly care about their parks, arts & culture, and basic human needs. I was drawn to this role because of my background and passion in both the field of parks and recreation and human services. What really brings me joy is connecting people with causes that reflect their values and commitment to their community. The overarching goal of KPCF is to connect community passion with community needs in a way that improves that quality of how people live, play, and serve in Kirkland. 

As the first employee and first Executive Director I have a lot to learn! That said, as we launch into a new season for KPCF. I’m grateful for the experienced, knowledgeable, and committed Board of Directors, donors and key stakeholders who have played a role in getting KPCF to where it is today. My first six months will be highly focused on building a solid organizational foundation so that KPCF can grow. Growth will come from building relationships with our supporters, learning about the needs and dreams of the Kirkland community, and developing a clear strategic direction. The KPCF team will focus on board composition, recruitment and governance, technology changes, marketing, fundraising and all the day to day pieces that make non-profit foundations thrive. We are excited and spirited about the next phase of KPCF. We dream to do more of what we have done in the past six years but increase the scale and opportunities.

The vision of KPCF is to play a greater role in transforming donor generosity into impact. I am a collaborative leader who thrives on building connections. There’s a good chance in the next couple months you’ll see me and my dog Tico walking downtown for a meeting or working from one of Kirkland’s amazing coffee shops. Please stop and give Tico a pet and say hi! 

Cori Walters and Tico Caliente