The Sophia Way Women & Families Shelter

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Challenging times like the Covid-19 pandemic are falling especially hard on low income people and small businesses like restaurants and farms. KPCF is addressing both needs with this campaign!

We’re purchasing quality food from local restaurants to supply people in need around our community. Here’s a partial list of who’ll be receiving these meals:

  • Several dozen families live out of their cars in the parking lot of the Lake Washington United Methodist Church. The church’s Safe Parking Program, which began in 2011, provides a clean, safe space for needy folks.
  • Low income families and seniors in Imagine Housing facilities around town. Seniors in particular, as a vulnerable population, are forced to stay inside and are greatly benefiting from food deliveries.
  • The City of Kirkland is polling its entire population via postcard to find residents who food-insecure to participate in this program.

Initial restaurants who are participating:

We plan to partner with additional restaurants as this program scales up! Please contact us if you’re interested.